It takes a ton of people to make an experience like this possible. Here are some of the culprits. Chris Bolognese

Chris Bolognese has taught mathematics both at the high school and college level. Next year he is the district teacher leader for mathematics K-12 for Upper Arlington Schools. Chris enjoys mathematics competitions and mathematical technology. For mooculus, Chris will be a teaching assistant and also contribute items for exercises. Johann Thiel

Johann Thiel is an assistant professor at New York City College of Technology. His main research interests lie in analytic number theory and its applications. In his classes, Johann enjoys designing live demonstrations to illustrate mathematical concepts. Johann has built some of the explorations for mooculus. David Lindberg

David Lindberg is a mathematics masters student at OSU. For Calculus One, David is performing data analysis on the exercises to help improve the educational aspects of mooculus. Tom Evans

Tom Evans is an Educational Technologist and the lead for open courses at the Ohio State University. You can follow him on Twitter at @taevans. For mooculus, Tom created the music and edited some of the videos. Steve Gubkin

Steve Gubkin is a mathematics Ph.D. student at OSU. Steve has extensive experience with the khan exercise framework, so for mooculus, he leads the development of our interactive exercises. Sean Corey

Sean teaches mathematics in secondary schools and is a proponent of independent learning. Game theory and the development of artificial intelligence are prominent interests of his. For mooculus, Sean has developed some of the interactive exercises and edited the textbook. Jenny George

Jenny George teaches mathematics at The Ohio State University. Her research is in low-dimensional topology, which means that she gets to work with tangles and knots both in Mathematics and in her knitting. Before coming to Ohio State, she earned her undergraduate degree from Miami University, and then earned her Ph.D. at Ohio State. Jenny George is currently the head instructor for Calculus One. Jim Fowler

Jim's research broadly includes geometry and topology; specifically, his interests focus on the topology of high-dimensional manifolds and geometric group theory, which means he thinks about highly symmetric (and therefore very beautiful) geometric objects. He's fond of using computational techniques to attack problems in pure mathematics. He received an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and received a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. Jim built the adaptive learning platform that powers mooculus. Bart Snapp

Bart Snapp teaches mathematics at OSU. His research interests include commutative ring theory and recreational mathematics. He enjoys exploring connections between mathematics and real-world problems, art, and music. Roman Holowinsky

Roman Holowinsky has been a professor in the OSU Math Department since Fall 2010. His research in the field of analytic number theory with a focus on L-functions and modular forms. Roman is an Alfred P. Sloan fellow and the recipient of the 2011 SASTRA Ramanujan prize.


mooculus could not have been produced without the generous support of the mathematics department at The Ohio State University and the amazing ASCTech application development staff. We make use of Twitter’s bootstrap and Khan Academy’s exercise framework. And it's all held together with rails.